"The Likeness of God"


The interpretation of Genesis I prefer, of the creation of humanity, is simply that God is and was always genderless, and on the 7th day god scooped up some dust and blew life into it and created a being that was human, of the earth, and in the likeness of God. But the being was lonely and the genderless God cleaved the genderless human into two halves, and called one half man and one half woman, and that was the invention of gender. Neither men nor women can claim to be in the likeness of God, but rather, together, whether physically entwined, or spiritually in love, it is the pairing that is once again "in the likeness of God." And the God-like creative act of procreation, again, arises from the union of the halves. This whole metaphor appeals to me.

So when I see couples entwined just right, with the look of love light reflected between them, sometimes I swear I can catch a glimpse of God, like the flash of green in the sunset—something in the corner of your eye that moves when you look at it.