Body Image (2014 - 2018)

After years of photography exploring what i call "synecdoche and cliche" I wondered how I'd approach the female nude—arguably the most photographed subject in history. So in late 2014 I began with a professional model. I had fixed constraints: empty room—just a sofa and some sheets, no props, natural light. Then my friends began volunteering to model for my project.  They showed the images to their friends and more volunteers arrived. Central was this somewhat unusual intimacy. Each shoot was hours of talking combined with a bunch of photography.

Over subsequent months I met and photographed dozens of strangers.

So these are women of Silicon Valley, ages 25 to 55: Executives. Students. Engineers. Lawyers. Moms... Doing what they never do—being seen in a way they had never allowed themselves to be seen. All of us changed from the experience.