In 1987, after Lucasfilm closed The Droid Works, i volunteered to spend a few days a month wandering around the newly completed Skywalker Ranch, trying to capture the moon rising above the Main House. Apparently George had seen a beautiful moonrise one evening and had commented that he wished he had a photo... so I spent much of the Spring 1987 hanging out at the Ranch and setting up a darkroom in the Library beneath the Solarium. By summer i gave Lucas a print and went on my way.

About 20 years later I returned to Skywalker Ranch, while researching my book "Droidmaker". While I was officially there doing research in the company archives, I did manage to spend a little time wandering around taking new photos. The Ranch had grown and aged nicely. It was always a beautiful jewelbox of a place, and a joy to explore. I gave George a little book of some of these for his birthday in 2006, but otherwise, i've never shown them to anyone. But it seemed like it was time.




*Rare archival prints are still available from this series; each image limited to editions of 9. Contact Rubin for more information.