Summer 2014



1963  Gainesville, Florida

1978  Started Photography

1981  Graduated Gainesville High School

1985  Graduated Brown University (ScB. Neuroscience)

1985-1993 Lucasfilm, Sonic Solutions, Hollywood Projects (Lonesome Dove, Sheltering Sky, etc.) Marin and Los Angeles

1993-2008 Petroglyph, "Nonlinear", "Little Digital Video Book" "Droidmaker". Santa Cruz

2006-2008   Netflix

2011  San Francisco

2013-2016  Adobe

2017  Neomodern

About Me

My education in photography began when I was a kid, from University of Florida professor and artist, Jerry Uelsmann. He taught my mother photography, then she taught me, and eventually I apprenticed myself to him. His effect was doubled because he also contributed to the photographic education of my parents; consequently the home I grew up in was literally a museum of historic mid-century modernist photography, from Adams to Weegee. My entire sense of vision and photographic meaning has come from this unorthodox education.

I’ve been shooting and printing photographs since I was a kid, and I resisted the transition to digital. Consequently, I stopped printing for about a decade and I only started printing again, digitally this time, in 2014. I am interested in the meaning and value of images versus photographic prints; I explore the balance between surrealism and documentary. I’m mesmerized by beauty. All my work reflects these forces.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed the support and advice of a number of artists, Uelsmann, Maggie Taylor, Ted Orland, Mark Citret. My present career in photography sits at the unusual intersection of the past (as I now manage the collection I grew up with) and the future (I spent the past few years involved with innovation at Adobe).

I prefer to think of myself as a novice.


My work is in a few private collections and i've participated only in group shows to date.

Here are recent highlights:

• Featured artist, Neomodern, San Francisco, July 2017

• "Composed" a group exhibition at PhotoPlace Gallery, jurored by Sam Abell; Feb 1-Mar 3, 2017

• "Old", a group exhibition at A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX, jurrored by Ann Jastrab, May 20-June 26, 2016

• In Celebration of Trees, a group exhibition at PhotoPlace Gallery, jurored by Tom Zetterstrom; Jan 20-Feb 12, 2016

• “How to become a San Franciscan” SF Battery Club book, directed by Stephen McLaren.  December 2015

• Black and White, a group exhibition at PhotoPlace Gallery jurored by Tillman Crane; Aug 25-Sept 18, 2015

• Family Matters, a group exhibition at PhotoPlace Gallery, jurored by Ann Jastrab, July 28-Aug 21, 2015

• The Bay Lights [Commemorative Book], by Illuminate (dir. Ben Davis); 2015; pps 6-7, 23-33

• Inanimate Objects, a group exhibition at the MPLS Photo Center, Minneapolis MN, March 2105.


Workshops & Presentations

"Group F/64 & Modernism" Distinguished Lecture Series, Zynga, San Francisco 2016

"Group F/64 & Modernism" VIEW Conference, Turin, Italy 2015

NeoModernism Masterclass, View Conference, Turin, Italy 2015

Droidmaker: George Lucas and the Birth of Pixar, 2005-2006 (45 minute performance piece - Tour Highlights: Macworld Keynote, Siggraph Vancouver, Apple Stores, University of Washington, Brown University, Columbia College, Netflix, Adobe, Chicago Museum of Natural History)



"All Things" by Erin Berman, 108 Photos by MH Rubin (2016)

droidMAKER: George Lucas and the Digital Revolution (Triad, 2005; ePub 2012; audiobook 2018)

The Little Digital Video Book, 2nd edition (Peachpit, 2008)

iLife ’06 — Apple Training Series (Peachpit, 2006)

iLife 05 – Apple Training Series (Peachpit, 2005)

iLife 04 – Apple Training Series (Peachpit, 2004)

Making Movies with Final Cut Express (Peachpit, 2003)

Beginners’ Final Cut Pro (Peachpit, 2002)

The Little Digital Video Book (Peachpit, 2001)

Nonlinear: a field guide to digital film and video editing (Triad, First Edition:1992; Second 1993; Third 1995; Fourth 2000)

Computer Gardening Made Simple (Zick, 1984)

Defending the Galaxy: The complete handbook of videogaming (Triad,1982)













email at rubin at droidmaker dot com